A quick collection of personal poetry that I’ve written over the years. It’s always been an experimental space where I can explore different subjects, form, rhyming schemes, voice, and tone.

Note: They’re uploaded as an image gallery, so click to view at full screen for better readability.  

Romance & Ruin 

Pretty self explanitory here. 

About The Author

I’ve also used poetry as a therapist to deal with my childhood, the loss of loved ones, and the anxiety of student debt. 

Writing on Writing

When you don’t know what to write, you can always write about writing... or somebody else’s writing.

Poems of Political Persuasion  

I’m a bit of a politcal junkie, so these were a natural consequence. A couple notes: “Viet-Nam Song: Revisited” is a reference to a satirical anti-war song by Country Joe & The Fish that was performed at Woodstock - I’ve updated with new lyrics to include every country America has fought against since Eisenhower first warned the public about the military industrial complex. Also, “Debt Dodger Rag” is a riff on a protest singer/songwriter from the 60s, Phil Ochs, and his song “Draft Dodger.” Whereas he sang about a generation of kids leaving America to avoid the war, my poem is about a generation leaving to escape their student debt.