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Hey, that’s me!  

Many many years ago, I attended the VCU Brandcenter where I got a Masters in Mass Communication and now I’ve spent a decade and a half ideating, writing and leading creative development on dozens of brands across a wide range of industries.

I’ve developed a knack for big ideas that transcend small budgets through disruptive thinking, scrappy methods and an opportunistic approach. I’m an eternal optimist. Every brief can lead to great work. Even when work gets killed, I feel like my next idea will be even better.

Some of the best work in my career was made by beginning at the end, i.e. thinking about the outcome, what people will share on social and what the PR headlines will be. Because when you’ve got a target, it’s a whole heck of a lot easier to aim. With that being said, I love collaborating with brand strategists to develop positioning, objectives, consumer insights, media strategy and competitive analysis. Finding an inherent truth makes great ideas possible. 

But every aspect of advertising fascinates me and I feel pretty fortunate to have found myself in this industry. I’ve worked on world-reknowned brands, worked with some of the most creative people in the biz and I’ve been lucky enough to be recognized with awards, press and even my own mother has said nice things about my work.

I would add something else here – hobbies or interests or something– but becoming a father of two has pretty much taken over my non-advertising life at the moment and I would consider them my greatest achievement.

Thanks for spending some time on my site and let me know if there’s anything I can help with. 



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