Leatherman “Tool Tales” // Integrated 

Over the years, Leatherman  has received thousands of real people's stories from across the globe and they've come to call them "Tool Tales."The stories run the full gamut of harrowing to humorous, life-saving moments or just people who’ve saved-the-day in their own special way.

To bring these stories to life, we dug through the Leatherman archive, conducted interviews with people about their story and finally,crafted surrealistic first-person narrations to retell their Tool Tale. 

Tool Tales // Social

Across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we created hundreds of “Tool Tale” posts. These were posted twice a week for 10 months and some highlighted other stories from the Leatherman archive, others showed the actual people behind the Tool Tale videos and behind scenes from our shoots.  

Tool Tales // U.G.C. + Site  

The campaign hub where people could submit their own Tool Tale, complete with a U.G.C. component so they can share with  friends on social. Here’s a few screenshots of the site, as well as a few submissions.


Executive Creative Director: Joe Sundby

Creative Director: Bryan Houlette

Art Directors:Kyle Everett & Craig Skinner

Copywriter: Nate Totten

Producer: Wendy Bryant

Agency: Roundhouse 

Production Company: Food Chain

Director: Ray Gordon