The Prisoner Wine Co. “Makery Experience” // Experiential

The Makery Experience is an unconventional tasting experience for Prisoner Wine. These one-time events have been hosted in cities across the country to celebrate local makers, their craft and their close-knit communities. They’ve been particularly successful because we’ve partnered with the makers themselves to help plan, organize, spread the word and add a local flair. Each event embodies the brand’s belief that wine brings people together and inside every bottle is a story of collaboration, community, and creativity. 

Makery Experience Austin, TX

A transformation of the iconic Hotel Saint Cecelia by Austin’s most eclectic and eccentric artists and makers. Featuring: Will Bryant, Cody Haltom, Adam Young, Joe Swec, Manik Raj Nakra, Aaron Mickalovic, Lauren Dickens and Miranda Bennet. With Megan Emery performing live-tattoos throughout the night and a performance by Mother Falcon.

Makery Experience Brooklyn, NY

An intimate gathering to share passions and inspire NYC’s maker community atop the world’s largest rooftop farm, the Brooklyn Grange. Featuring Ariele Alasko, Helen Levi, Molly Oliver, a stunning mural from Flavor Paper, food from Chef Arden Lewis of Purslane  and Yossy Arefi of Apt. 2B Baking Co., along with musical performances from Dave Harrington and Hamilton Leithauser. FUN FACT: The event took place on my birthday and Leithauser was kind enough to sing me ‘happy birthday.’ 

Sharing this since it’s beautiful. But this little GIF accompanied the e-vites everyone recieved.


Art Director: Clay Nowak
Copywriter: Nate Totten
Sr. Experiential Producer: Dominic Keska 
Director of Acct. Service: Stacy Garnand
Agency: Roundhouse