Seeds Of Change "Save The Flavors" // Integrated

Effie - 2016 - Movement to Mass - Small Budget Products - Bronze

ADDY - 2016 Online/Interactive - Branded Content & Entertainment - Silver

ADDY - 2016 Ambient Meida - Single Event - Gold

ADDY - 2016 Internet Commercial, Single Spot, Any Length - Silver

Food & Beverage Awards (FAB) - 2016 Experiential Campaign - Gold

D&AD - “Good” Campaign of the Week

Unlike endangered animals, people don’t rally to save endangered fruits and vegetables (even though we’re losing about 100 varieties per year).

With that insight in mind, we partnered with celebrity chef Hugh Acheson to announce a tasting menu featuring endangered species and let the public’s imagination run wild... // Site:

The stunt and other supporting campaign materials pushed people to our campaign site: where people could learn about our research (more info below) and learn how to grow and cook the Cherokee Purple Tomato so they could help save it.

Save The Flavors // Intro Video:


The stunt was a huge success in every aspect. PETA showed up to protest. Twitter went wild. People were pissed. And despite a budget of less then $750,000 and only targeting the Atlanta area (test market), the stunt earned over 85 million impressions nationwide and got picked up by over 200 outlets. 


Additionally, we worked with Tufts University and the Food Systems Research Institution to develop the Flavor Availability Index, the first and only tracker of people's access to fruits and vegetables (with an emphasis on endangered or rare varieties).


Executive Creative Director: Craig Mangan

Creative Director: Amber Justis

Art Director: Alyssa Collis

Copywriter: Nate Totten

Designer: Nina Golik

SVP/Head of Integrated Production: Louise Doherty

Agency: BBDO SF

Production Company: B-Reel

Director: Kief Davidson

Production Company (Site/Animation): Royale