Uncle Ben’s "Kitchen Wall" // TV & Online Video (:60)

The Drum - “US Creative Work of the Week”

From an early age, it’s clear that kids are naturally attracted to cooking and Uncle Ben’s wants parents to realize their role in inviting more kids into the kitchen.

The Story Behind The Work: 

For several years, Uncle Ben’s promoted Ben’s Beginners, an initiative to get parents cooking with their kids to support healthier meals. Following its US success, Uncle Ben’s decided to take the campaign international with a big, anthemic spot to run in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Japan, South Korea and a whole host of other countries.

The problem, of course, is that each country has their own language and different customs around food.  And the client didn’t want to make a spot for each market, they wanted one spot for every market.

A few days after the briefing, my partner and I were grabbing lunch and during our casual convo we started talking about our own childhood memories - cooking with Easy-Bake Ovens and playing with plastic toy kitchens. Suddenly it dawned on us: We didn’t need to convince parents to get their kids cooking, kids are already cooking (or at least pretending to).

Utilizing BBDO’s global network, our account and strategy team emailed BBDO offices around the world to make sure our insight was true. Sure enough, kids across the world mimic their parents by playing with kitchen utensils, plastic toy kitchens and they all pretend to cook. Before long, we had an emotional story that tapped into a deep human truth and to the delight of Uncle Ben’s, it didn’t contain dialogue and could easily be adapted to every market with simple updates to the endcards.


Chief Creative Officer: Matt Miller

Creative Director: Alex Stainton

Creative Director: Jakub Szymanski

Art Director: Alyssa Collis

Copywriter: Nate Totten

VP/Executive Producer: Patti Bot

Agency: BBDO SF

Production Company: Slim Pictures

Director: Karen Cunningham