Camp Woodward //  Brand Identity + Campaigns

After 50 years as the premier action sports camp in the country, Camp Woodward needed a brand refresh to symbolize its growth into new sports and new locations. The brand wanted to hold onto some of its core elements like the in-your-face yellow hazard lines, so we made them more functional and modern with a new, hyper-flexible design system for  different sports and demographics. The tagline “We Live This” taps into the essense of being an action sports junkie — epitomizing the excitement and energy that the brand brings out in kids of all ages.


Boreal + Woodward “Go Time Tickets” //  New Product Launch

National Ski Association Awards - 2022 Winner  “Most Unique Marketing Campaign”
Poppy Awards by California Tourism - 2022 Winner “Best Business Recovery Campaign” 

A new ticketing model for ski resorts to create contactless mountain access during COVID. It was so successful that they’ve continued and expanded the program — since everyone loves smaller lines, less crowds, and bigger discounts on tickets. 

Campaign overview from the awards submission.


Copywriter & Strategist: Nate Totten

Founder // Creative Director: Zack Teachout

Art Direction & Strategist: Derek Leach

Designers: Romeo Salazar, Chris RuppeltLuke Acevedo

Director of Production: Robin Cain
Producer: Mimi Hibben

Agency: Hovercraft